Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 26- Short Funnies

Throughout the year I will collect small stories that happen each day. They are too small to place into a seperate blog, but once I collect a few I will publish them. These have been for the month of January. Mainly within the last week. I am trying hard to remember the stories, but it's been hard. I think I have found a system and will have more for you next month!!!!

One afternoon in the car out of the blue...

"Mom, I think Cindy wants to be my girlfriend."

"Tanner, what makes you think that?"

"Because she says I am funny, smart and cute. And don't you say I am cute!"

"Tanner, I think Cindy is right, you are funny, smart and cute."

*Rolleyes* "Women."


Older brother working on finishing his homework...midway through first grade....

"Mom, how do you spell penguin?"

While Mom is trying to make sure she tells him right she hears out of Tanner's mouth....


Sitting in the living room watching Tv. Progressive commercial comes on. (The one with Flo the saleswoman who is so perky)

Tanner says, "Mom, when those executives for Progressive get together for a meeting, I sure hope they fire her."

Mom wondering how he understands the concept of 'executives firing someone", inquires, "Tanner why would they fire her?"

"Because she is so annoying."

Watching the Nutri System commercial....

"Hey Mom if you eat that healthy food your body will get skinnier."

"Tanner, do you think Mom's body needs to be skinnier?"

"Sure wouldn't hurt you any to loose all that fat."

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