Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 27- Sensory Integration-Toilets

Tanner has a huge problem with auditory sensory integration. Simply stated, the child hates loud noises.

Today, we went to the pediatrician's office for a check up. While waiting on the doctor to get to us, Tanner has the need to use the bathroom. For most children that's not a big deal. Mom or Dad can lead them to the proper bathroom and simply wait for them to go in, take care of their business and come out.

Our family is not that simple. Mom has to go into the bathroom with Tanner. I can't go into the men's restroom with him, but he is also getting to the age that he really doesn't need to go into the lady's restroom. So what do we do? Right now, I pray for a 'family' restroom. Today, my prayers were answered.

So, we go in....

Tanner turns the light on, makes sure that I am following him in and closes the door behind us. He takes care of his business and goes to wash his hands.

"Tanner, don't forget to flush the toilet."


"Tanner you need to flush the toilet."


He puts his hands over his ears to muffle the sound.

"Mom, will you please flush the toilet for me?"

What's a Mom to do? Do I stand my ground and keep telling him to flush the toilet in order to teach him what is appropriate behavior? If I do that, there is a strong possibility we could end up on the public bathroom floor crouched down in the fetal position crying in anticipation of the noise of the toilet.

Or do I just simply allow him to back into a corner with his ears covered and eyes squeezed shut, waiting for Mom to flush the toilet so he can get out of there?

Yes, this is a strange reality of my life. I can't believe that I have to fight my child to flush a toilet. Sometimes, I think it's all a dream I will wake up from. It's a simple request, no different than washing your hands or putting up your glass when you are done drinking. But even still, I am at odds with myself because I know it's truly not a defiant act, but instead it's motivated by a sensor in his brain that doesn't function properly. And a noise that we hear multiple times a day, sets his brain into a frenzy. And he doesn't know what to do with himself!

My solution to the problem...

I remind him every time that he needs to flush the toilet, after all it's the correct action to take after using the restroom. However, once he asks nicely if I will do it for him (something we have been working on instead of throwing a fit)....

I just simply flush the toilet for him and silently laugh about it, knowing that we will go through this same situation tomorrow.

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