Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 35- Road Trip #2

The hotel we stayed at was about two blocks away from one of Tanner's favorite places.
Coors field, home to the Colorado Rockies! Not that he had ever been there before, but has several baseball field books that he has memorized. We had to take a picture that was exactly like a picture he had seen in a book.

It took several tries but here is the shot we FINALLY got....

I think the thing that amazes me about this is we did not have this book with us. He remembered in his mind what the picture was suppose to look like. He remembered the angle, the color, the fact that it was horizontal... he remembered it all. And he was NOT able to settle for a picture that was anything less than the one in the book.

He thinks in pictures. Everything he sees, he takes a little picture and files it away in that amazing mind of his for a later date.

Two years ago this would have frustrated me to no end.

But now, I know, this is Tanner and I have accepted it and love it and even embrace it!

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