Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 30- Personal Space

Currently Tanner's speech therapist has him working on personal space. He has a hard time understanding that people do not want him standing right up against them, or sitting on their laps when sitting together one a couch. But at the same time he doesn't like it when people enter his personal space. He feels crowded and almost claustrophobic.

At first this was a fun concept for him to try. He is suppose to keep a hula hoop between him and anyone else he is around. I have never heard of the 'hula hoop' concept, but think it would be very useful in more cases than just Tanner's. I find myself reminding my nine year old he needs to 'respect the hula hoop.'

Once again, I talked to his teacher about what we are working on and she is helping us with it. I think at school the big problem is touching people when we are walking in the line down to music or PE or lunch. So we are applying the hula hoop concept and though it appears he may be lagging in line, he is just trying to keep the hula hoop distance from his peers.

After about two or three weeks we start getting this conversation:

"Tanner remember, personal space."

(In a whinny voice) "UHHH, I am SO over personal space."

I think that this is our clue to move on to the next social issue.

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