Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17- Soocer Weekend

We had soccer for Tanner all weekend. He plays soft soccer, indoor soccer with a nerf ball. This will be the last year he can play and I am not sure he can handle 'real soccer.' Running around on a basketball court is a little different than running around a full length soccer field.

His first game was interesting. We have had two practices, but for six year olds there really isn't a whole lot to practice. So we are lined up to get warmed up before the game and a couple of boys are messing around. Normally, he is in the middle of it, but today I hear, "Guys, you gotta settle down or somebody is going to get hurt," coming out of his mouth. I took a second glance look to make sure that came out of his mouth? My son? Talking about safety? Not my son?

The game starts off great. He is running around kicking the ball trying to participate, but about halfway through the game we notice he is trying to slide on purpose. That is a huge no-no in this league. We have spent three years trying to get him to understand this, but every year he spends quite a bit of time on the floor. The ref warns the kids in general, but Tanner continues. We made it through the game ok, but I am worried that he won't remember he can't slide and eventually he will get 'ejected' from the game.

Today he had his second game. There was a little more pushing and shoving and I can tell he is getting worked up. I always worry that one child who pushes him over the edge will get tripped or pushed down. I am constantly watching his face to see how he is responding to the aggressiveness of the game. He at one point today looked like he was out for revenge. He got tripped and skinned his knee. He seemed not to even realize at first, but when he saw the blood his face got red and he started pointing at the kid that had tripped him. Luckily, the coach pulled him out to rest for the remainder of the game. She saved me a huge embarrassment in trying to explain once again why he does what he does.

He is not a bad kid, just needs help remembering what's appropriate behavior.

It was a good weekend I would say. He is having a great time! He is learning the names of the boys on his team and seems to be enjoying the game.

Three more weekends to get through! We can do this! He will love it!

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