Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 24- Developed Relationships

Tanner came home today with a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book. He told me that he had to read twenty pages of it tonight for homework. Not a big deal in our house, he does that a lot. He enjoys reading and thrives on being challenged by higher level books. (This particular book is a fifth grade level book.)

When Austin found out that he had checked out this book from the library I hear, "HEY THERE'S A WAITING LIST FOR THAT! HOW DID YOU GET IT SO SOON?"

Tanner's answer, "Mrs. Librarian loves me. She lets me have any book I want."

"NO FAIR!" screamed Austin.

I told Austin I was sorry, but that he and Mrs. Librarian were really good friends and he probably asked nicely for it and she gave it to him.

Little did I know, she had SAVED the book for him.

The librarian lets Tanner go help her as a reward. She, along with a few other adults at school, have taken a vested interest in helping him succeed. They treat him with respect, understand that he has different needs, they get his sense of humor (even when Mom and Dad don't) and they love to see him everyday. And the feeling is mutual. He adores them!

We are facing a huge snowstorm tonight. I asked him if he wants to get an extra day off from school or if he wants the snow to go away. He told me he would like to play in the snow, but would miss everyone at school if he had an extra day off.

And I am sure they would all miss him too.

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