Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18- Simple Things Cause Meltdowns

Tonight was time for us to cut finger nails. Let's face it, no one likes it. But for us, it's World War III.

I have tried several different ways of handling it and I have yet to find something that works. We always end up with my legs wrapped around him holding him down trying to cut his fingers with the clippers. I try every time to explain to him if he would just be still it wouldn't hurt.

Why does it hurt?

Because he kicks and screams and throws a fit! I feel like he hurts himself more with the anxiety of it all. If he would sit down let me take care of it, like I do all of his brothers, then it would be over and he could move on.

I just would much rather them grow out long and break off. But I know I can't do that. I do however let them get a little longer than I would like, just to avoid the emotional drama of it all.

I know it's a sensory issue. He is crawling out of his skin to get away from the feeling of the clippers. Just like he can't stand the vacuum sound or getting his hair cut.

Sensory issues.... we all have them... but ours cause meltdowns.

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