Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15- Soccer

We start playing soccer tomorrow! This will be his third season and his last. We play an indoor soft soccer and they only allow up to 1st grade to play it. He is very excited and can't wait!

We have only been to one practice. They practice on Thursday nights and if you read yesterday's blog you will see that we were at a concert on Thursday night. This presented a HUGE problem with him. Being a routine child and very knowledgeable on what his routine is, he knew that he had soccer practice last night. He was extremely upset that he was missing practice. I get the feeling he feels like he will miss something extremely important, but I could be wrong and he could just simply want to go to soccer practice and play. I assured him that I called his coach and she said it was ok to miss. I also assured him that I had all the information he needed to play in Saturday's game.

I am thankful that this season is only four weeks long. By the time we get into the swing of it, it will be over! He enjoys playing soccer, but are not sure where he gets it? It could be a need to be different from his older brother or it could just be that he likes to run. In any case, he is a decent soccer player and loves to participate.

Mom and Dad are just happy that he wants to be around other kids!

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