Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13- Routine

Routine is extremely important in our house. We have to set out our schedule everyday and a slight deviation from that can cause an outburst. That was made very apparent tonight as we prepared for bed.

Tomorrow we are heading to a town a couple of hours away for a concert. The boys have been looking forward to it since we bought tickets. But in the routine, he knew he was suppose to have soccer practice tomorrow night. When I told him that he would be missing soccer practice for the concert I thought I was going to have to pull him off the ceiling! He started screaming, waking up his youngest brother and fell onto his bed crying it took me about 20 minutes to calm him down. He is refusing to go to the concert right now because he has soccer practice. No amount of assurance that I have talked to the coach and it's ok for him to miss will change his mind.

Right now, I am just praying that we can get to the concert and have a great time. He LOVES going to concerts. I know if we can get over this bump he will have a fabulous time!

Look forward to writing tomorrow about this concert.

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