Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19- Photographic Memory

I was quickly reminded this morning that one of Tanner's strengths is his photographic memory.

When I dropped him off at school he could not find his book in his backpack. He told me he had given it to me in the car on Thursday and it was still there. I didn't believe him, but escorted him back to the car to look for it. We searched in the back where he sits and couldn't find it. So, we went back into school. His teacher asked him to look in a couple of places that it could possibly be. The entire time, I could see the look on his face, he knew what he had done with it. He knew that on Thursday, on the way to the concert, he had indeed given me the book.

After about five minutes of looking in the classroom his teacher offered him a solution for the day. Mom would look for it as soon as she got home and for that day he would read another book. Ok, all is well.

Mom when back to the car and thought of one more place that she might have put it when he showed it to me.

BINGO! There it was in the middle of my bible study book bag. I ran back into the school to give it to him. And got another one of his strengths.

pure honesty...

"MOM! I told you I gave it to you in the car on the way to the concert!"

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